"Highly Recommended!..."

"The future of the book is here now, and it looks beautiful. These exquisite photographs combined with new translations of familiar and less familiar Japanese haiku take full advantage of the way in which this book will be seen: back-lit, color-rich, highly contrasted, isolated on the screen. The result is an entrancing journey through the seasons in the best tradition. Equally to be enjoyed are the notes from both photographer and translator at the end for each "page". More than most kinds of books, haiku lends itself to this electronic treatment, and though the price is a bit steep just now, it will likely come down with time. This volume will certainly inspire imitators, and if we can aim for the high production values and content of this first attempt, we will certainly create a good impression in public for our little art. "

Jim Kacian
Review Editor of Frogpond
Official publication of the Haiku Society of America

"What a Delightful Presentation!..."

"I got your package a few days ago, and just looked at it now. The wait was worth it! What a delightful presentation. I must say that quite a few of the photographs are just stunning! Congratulations. They're very evocative and emotional photographs. Very concise---which matches brevity of haiku. I will plan on enjoying this again in the future. "

Charlie Cramer
Fine Art Photographer

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